Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Engineer to be #part1

During school holidays baru-baru ni, my little big gendut bros was going to Kidzania. Who knows kidzania? For whom that doesnt know, that place was offered for kids, experiencing the real-life of many occupations such as, being a lawyer, news reader, doctor, staff of marrybrown, pilot, firefighter and many mores laa.

This kind of place quite good laa for kids yang memang suka dreamings what to be, or what that like be, SEBAB they can experience it right away on that time by their own self without the help of parents. So, they can realize what are they like actually. 

And as a teenage, im quite jealousy actually, sebab during my childhood there is no kind this things. We just wanna be like what 'orang tua' say 'hebat' like pilot, engineer, doctor, teacher. Is it sounds like cerita abang kassim? what do you want to be? a doctor? a lawyer? so typical laa. 

So, Im asking my bros what you wanna be when you are grown up. Then he said that he wants be Marrybrown staff, making so much burgers and friend chicken and he can eat much. And Im feel suchh urghhhh -____-'' what kind of that? are you serious?? hahaha, Im so surprised with his ambition. 

For, a little kids 12 years old like him, they just can think of what he can get most, or can he eat much or just bla bla bla. Still not serious thinking of future and just go with the feeling being a kids. Oh yes, that kids. As long as you are kids forever you are remains kids. They just live in their own life and not yet mature enough. #dreaming

Then now, here I come, 'Engineer to be'? will it really becomes real  and true. Yes Im on my way in this path, but Im not really sure with what I want and what Im gonna be. Is this my real gateway of dreams? I wish. 

With a hope and doa, can it be a reality in the future. InsyaAllah.

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