Saturday, December 29, 2012

Counting the days

Take a deep breath....

There is a few days remain before we leave 2012 and meet 2013. Oh noo, its mean final exam is really around the roundabout babes. Study tak ade lagi ni, but study weeks pon dah habis dah.

What to do, study week jugaklah nak pergi ber-holiday ngan family and study week jugaklah ada presentation bagai. pffffttt. Since, last sem till this sem tersangatlah kelam kabut and penat rasenya. Nasiblah kan itulah pengorbanan yang kita perlu berkorban dulu sebelum terkorban yer dok.

And, when remind back all the memories and sume azam for 2012, I felt like little bit happy. It was a very memorable years for me. Nothing to be sad much laa compares to past years kan. But, some my azams tak berapa nak capai for this akan ku bawa ke 2013. bhahaha.

Antaranya adalah nak kurus. Okay itu azam setiap tahun, tapi tak pernahnya tercapai. #sigh This year Im gain more weight kot bukannya loose weight. Ottokeee.. Bukan tak boleh buat cuma Im always lost in controlling my mind to not eat much laa. yahaha.

Anyway, whatever is our 'azam' for 2012 or 2013, without a big effort we will not achieve any of it kan. So, keep it our hard work till end okay, esp, all my friends yang bakal taking final exams soon. Goodluck alls. May success and glory be ours. (^___^))

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