Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hello dear (:

Whatsap blog!!!
Hai dear and Hello everyone.
How am I really miss to post here.
Ohh noo, really lame not post anything.
Its almost about 5 months ago 
since last April Im updating here. pfftt.
What so busy lady, me laaa.. #konon

Actually, just now we already have a wifi at home.
So, I can be online at anytime and updating all the time.
Hoyeahh!! gongceng gongceng..
 Alright! alright! Anis please behave yourself.
nothing to be excited much pon kan.
*saje nak menggedik

And, the past few days I open laa this blog,
that time just like sesaje laa nak visit her,
Im really felt like nak pengsan and scream loudly
when I looked a new blogger setting,

what!!! u tukar lagi setting blog??
what thee fcuk laaa.

Why u changed lor?? Haihh...
Then teraba-raba laa nak explore all the setting.
HUHHH. Rajin sangat laa kan kalau nak mengexplore,
So, im just let it laa camni.
What to do, everythings changed.
I pon not so terel pasal IT ni
 nak changed back to normal memey tak reti laa..

Hmmphh, so, my blog..
I have no more idea to talk about,
we meet later okay.
See yaa...

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  1. ish kak long ni, online jeee. HAHAHAHAHAHA :D tbeeee.