Thursday, January 19, 2012

#aries #1

When an #aries likes you it's pretty obvious. They are not subtle about it.

If you break up with an  #aries , you better forget them for good because they will never come back.

#aries   may seem arrogant, but thats just cause they know what they want.

#aries  like to sing (sometimes off key) because they feel what is in the song.

Have a lot of pride and integrity? You might be an  #aries. 

Looking for true friends in life and lifelong companions? Choose an  #aries.

#aries   need to feel proud of their lovers. Dont be a loser!

#aries   is known for vibrant energy and authority.

When an  #aries   matures, they learn to slow down reaction times in order to think about the consequences of their actions.

#aries   are so good at starting things they can be off onto their next project before completing the previous one.

While everyone is planing,  #aries   is taking action.

You see Heaven when an  #aries   is banging you.

#aries   have an ability to find the truth in any situation.

#aries   is a natural born leader and has no problem taking responsibility for their actions whether good or bad.

A mature  #aries   is a dominate individual and not one to be reckoned with.

#aries   is committed to facing their fears. How else do you win?

#aries   knows that hard work is required to get anywhere in life.

#aries   are the MOST impulsive sign.

Never tell an  #aries   what to do. Unless, you want to get punched in the face-- hard.

An  #aries   will pursue you but if you can't play their game, they will find someone who can.

Don't touch a female  #aries   when she's angry, sad, or does not know you. You will be yelled at.

#aries   cannot stand stagnant relationships. If shit gets boring they will wander.

#aries   has a built in sense of adventure. Road trips!

#aries  accepts any challenge you throw at them.

#aries  accomplishes many things simply because of their restless energy.

#aries   are competitive. They dont take playful challenges lightly.

#aries   are generous but can be self-centered.

#aries  are usually arrogant, adventurous, independent, competitive, impulsive, dynamic, and courageous.

#aries  are determined overachievers. They get the job done. 

p/s:: all diz things bukan untuk dipercayai atau diikuti tapi hanya sebagai panduan how i can find myself in it. I do agree most of it in connection with myself who is an aries. It juz for fun nothing more. So, chill bebeyh. Wanna see more? come here and follow it ya. Peace!


  1. sme la kite aries..=) most of them is true but not to be stuck believing through this.

  2. eh kite same ek nana??yes, ni saje jew, juz to know, is it kite cmni2, sometimes kite xsdar perangai kite sebenar kan.. ;D